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♻ Recycled Glass Abrasive Media

100% Recycled Glass, leaving no material behind.

Sanblasting with Recycled Glass Grit

♻ Recycled Glass Abrasive Media

​Traditionally, materials such as coal slag or silica sand have been used for sandblasting. However, coal slag contains heavy metals and silica sand high amounts of silica - both are harmful to our respiratory systems.

Our recycled glass abrasive is washed, dry heat sterilised and finely graded producing a product of high quality. We are proud to use a material that we RECYCLE 100% of; abandoned by bottle recyclers & destined for landfill.

Our Recycled Glass Abrasive Media is a direct replacement for sand, slag and soda for a wide variety of blasting and surface preparations.


  • High quality, clean abrasive product

  • Non-reactive, chemically inert (Beryllium is not listed on our SDS)

  • No toxic metals released

  • Less dust than coal slag

  • Higher Cleaning Rate than coal slag

  • Manufactured British standard PAS 102

  • Translucent white dust for increased visibility

  • White post-blast finish

Glass Grit for Sandblasting Surface Preparation
Silica Free Recycled Glass Sand


  • Particle shape: Sub-angular

  • Color: Whitish green

  • Hardness: 6 MOHS

  • Density: 1280 kg/m3

  • Specific gravity: > 2.5

  • Contains less than 1% free silica (silica sand contains up to 99% free silica)

  • White metal blast cleaning (SSPC-SP5)

  • Compliant with MIL-A-22262B (SH) standard

Standard Product Grades

Whilst we are not limited to the product grades listed below. They have been developed to offer optimal filtration performance when used in sand filters.

Recycled Glass Abrasive
Fine Recycled Glass Grit Sand

FINE (0.2mm  - 0.5mm)

Mesh size 35-70

1.0 - 2.5 (MILS); TYPICAL: 2.3 MIL

SSPC-AB 1 Type II / Class A GRADE 2

For softer substrates, ideal for use in dustless blasting and as a soda blast alternative in slurry systems.

Medium Recycled Glass Grit Sand

MEDIUM (0.5mm  - 1.5mm)

Mesh size 14-35

2.5 - 3.5 (MILS); TYPICAL: 3.1 MIL

SSPC-AB 1 Type II / Class A GRADE 3

Suitable for bridges, tanks, steel construction, and precast concrete.

Coarse Recycled Glass Grit Sand

COARSE (1.0mm  - 2.0mm)

Mesh size 16-35

3.5 - 4.5 (MILS); TYPICAL: 3.8 MIL

SSPC-AB 1 Type II / Class A GRADE 4

Ideal  deeper profiles on steel and precast concrete. Also when removal of polyurethane or bituminous coatings is required.

Recycled Glass versus Coal Slag

An identical recycled glass product in the USA (TRU Abrasive®) showing how it outperforms coal slag in independent laboratory testing on cold-rolled steel. Table of results can be seen below

Product Data Sheets

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0.2mm - 0.5mm Abrasive Product Data Sheet


0.5mm - 1.5mm Abrasive Product Data Sheet


1.0mm - 2.0mm Abrasive Product Data Sheet


Material Safety Data Sheet

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